Travel the world
Create your own startup
Discover yourself
And enjoy learning through team entrepreneurship

First official european bachelor degree
in Leadership Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LEINN)

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What is LEINN about?

LEINN is the journey of your life. It is a radical learning experience that will allow you to discover your capacity to create, dream, lead and undertake as a team. You will create your own real company as a team "team learning cooperative" and with it you will learn, grow and travel, developing business projects all over the world. You will become a global citizen discovering your capacity for social impact and change.

LEINN is the first official European degree in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation. Its disruptive learning model allows youth to create professionals of the present and future. 97% of the graduates of LEINN are working and they do it in projects that they are passionate about; 55% of them are entrepreneurs and after graduating they develop their own company. LEINN has four programmed learning journeys.

The program began in 2008 with the vocation of creating education and the professionals of the future, forming a new quarry of leaders, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs as a team that would be agents of change in their local communities and act internationally.

Explore a universe of possibilities

LEINN takes place in different labs spread across Asia, Europe, America and Africa. A training without borders in open and innovative laboratories designed for teamwork. International learning journeys to countries such as Spain, the United States, India, China and Kenya, which enrich each course of the degree with stays of 3 to 16 weeks.

Travelling is seeing the world from another perspective. In every journey, you discover new places, meet multicultural people, try diverse cultures and do things you have never experienced before.

Are you ready to be a LEINNER?

  • Application

    We want to know you better! Tell us your story. The first step of the admission process consists on writing Book essay and a “Learning Compass” (MTA tool).

  • Interview

    A fundamental part of the process in which we explore in more detailed your “Learning Compass” and confirm if LEINN is for you.

  • Casting

    Live your first teamwork experience with us. Let's move on to the action putting learning by doing into practice.

  • Admission, registration and payment

    This will be the last step. We will confirm your admission and you can formalize your registration at the University of Mondragón. Let the adventure begin!